NCAA Division I stats

NCAA Division I stats

Post by Vince Den » Sat, 06 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Division I softball leaders through games of Sunday March 31 are up on my Web page.

I have Division III but my computer link to NCAA failed...I'll have to type them by hand. Oh well, I
needed something to do tonight.

I also have updated stats for all Top Five teams except Arizona (*** phone call to Wildcat SID
will happen Friday!). None of the individual team stats will be posted until Friday a.m. I just
wanted to rush the D-I overall stats because of heavy demand. I put a counter on the page to see
what kind of popularity it truly has. Here we go!

Oh, of course most of the stats leaders are all from podunk schools you've never heard of because
they never play anybody and pad the stats. Surprising how many shitty college teams there are out
there. Batting leaders, cut off everything above Jenny Dalton and you have the real leader.