need help and information

need help and information

Post by Jeff LaCos » Thu, 24 Oct 1996 04:00:00


>>> My question is: Does anyone have suggestions for criteria to use to
>>> pick the best players for the all-city team? Should it be by
>>> position? or infield, outfield, pitcher, catcher? What stats do I
>>> use? So far only one of the coaches -- at the top private school --
>>> keeps weekly stats. In the past, we've asked the coaches for
>>> recommendations. Should the players be included?

 Sure. In a regional team you might get useful input. In a league All-
Star setting, you're gonna get a popularity contest. If you ask, make
it via secret ballot so you don't get the popularity influencing the
vote, AND solicit the coaches opinions. The players almost always know
who the best are, but they might not give you that answer.

> I've read this entire thread and the one thing I noticed about
> suggestions for selecting an allstar/allcity, allwhatever, softball
> team is that no one mentioned ATTITUDE.

 Get down, Paul! My man!

 After two years managing LL SB All-Star teams that didn't want to be
managed, and watching a friend go through the same crap-ola this year,
I've decided our teams this year will have attitude as a serious
 If a player is a problem child, she won't be asked.
 If players won't work with the coaches -  hasta la vista, baby!
 If PARENTS won't let the manager run the team - sayonara dudes!

 All-whatever is an honor. There should be kids standing in line for
a chance to be on the team. You don't need players with anything other
than a "will do" attitude. Snots - persons of some ability who are
handicapped by bad attitude - wreck the game for players, and I won't
put up with it.

 Right now I may not have the best 12U travel team around, but it sure
is one hell of a lotta fun! AND.. the players and parents ALL feel
lucky to be with my team.

> As early stage coaches, IMHO, we MUST encourage a good attitude
> toward this sport.  In the rec. leagues, the Sportsmanship trophy
> should be the highest goal, not the first place trophy.  Notice I
> said "rec" league.  If the kids get to high school ball with a bad
> attitude, we haven't done our jobs and that's sad, for the girls and
> the game.

 Yeah - I've once witnessed a 18U player taking a shot at the other
team's pitcher between innings. Worked great - the umpire didn't see
it so she got away with wrecking the pitcher's shoulder for the
remainder of the tournament and a few weeks after. The player in
question was a GREAT catcher, but I wouldn't trust her with a burned-
out match. I would be very leery of a player with her values in a
leadership position such as catcher.
 Where's that kid gonna be at in ten years? Not playing pro ball. So,
then, will she be passing this junk on to her kids? I get kinda ill
when I think about THAT. (By the way, I had to snicker when the little
poop's team got trashed by the #2 pitcher coming off the bench in a,
well, poor frame of mind.)