Bayonet Fencing/Stick Fencing

Bayonet Fencing/Stick Fencing

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Date: Wed, 22 Mar 1995 16:15:41 GMT

Subject: Bayonet fencing / Stick fencing

>Is there anyone out there who is also involved in bayonet fencing, or has
>some information on bayonet fencing in his own country (past or present)?
>(I have heared about some kind of bayonet fencing in Japan (not sure if this
>is real fencing) and in France.)

        I don't know if you'd exactly call this fencing, but the US Army
(and I believe the Marines) still train their troops in bayonet tactics.
We use things called pugil sticks (imagine, if you will, a three-foot
Q-Tip), put on a football (that's American football) helmet, a bunch of
padding, and go for it.
        I went through basic training when I was seven***, three years
before I started fencing.  And, as if by divine inspiration, I discovered
the feint.  I'd just swing the 'butt' end of the stick towards my
opponent's groin, and sure enough, he'd put his stick down at waist height,
and lean forward (a natural male reaction, I would say...).  As soon as he
did that, I'd finish with a thrust to the chest with the 'bayonet' end.
        Also, one of our drill sergeants showed us a marvelous tactic that
in hind sight seems quite similar to a point in line (and I can guarantee
with quite a bit of certainty that he wasn't a fencer).  He just told us
that if we got some clown that did an all out charge, swinging the thing
all over the place, to just stand fast, and aim the thing at his face.
And, it usually worked (the guy would either charge onto it, or stop dead).
        I don't know if this is the kind of stuff that you were looking
for, but, hey, check with the military folks over on your side of the
ocean, and see if they have anything you can use.

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