Upstate NY Fencing

Upstate NY Fencing

Post by NICHOLLS PHILIP » Mon, 08 Nov 1993 22:51:37

Does anyone know of a fencing club or organization in upstate New York,
Albany-Troy-Schenctedy area?

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Upstate NY Fencing

Post by Randell Jes » Wed, 10 Nov 1993 11:04:07

>Does anyone know of a fencing club or organization in upstate New York,
>Albany-Troy-Schenctedy area?

        There's a fencing club in Troy at RPI (I was president of it once).
Last I knew, they accepted community members, no problem.  There also was
a fencing group in Albany at the Y.  Here's some info from an old posting:


>|> RPI Fencers: is your salle open only to RPI students?  If
>|> not, whom should I contact for more information on instruction
>|> and club events?

>no, the club is open to anybody who's willing to show up.
>for more information, you should e-mail one of the following people:

        Those may no longer be correct, since they're probably from last
semester, but send mail to them and I'm sure one of them will respond with
info.  If that doesn't work, mail me and I'll send you the email address of
the team coach.

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