1994 N. Texas Divisionals: April 9-10

1994 N. Texas Divisionals: April 9-10

Post by Rusty Bourla » Sat, 09 Apr 1994 16:04:42

                  1994 North Texas Divisional Championships

                Date       Event                Time
                ----       -----                ----
               April 9 - Women's Foil          2:00pm
                         Men's Foil            2:30pm
                         Women's Sabre         3:00pm
                         Men's Sabre           3:30pm
                         Women's Team Foil     4:00pm
                         Men's Team Foil       4:30pm
                         Men's Team Sabre      4:30pm

              April 10 - Women's Epee         10:00am
                         Men's Epee           11:00am
                         Women's Team Epee    11:30am
                         Men's Team Epee      12:30pm

About USFA classification...
USFA membership is required. Fencers may acquire a membership at the
tournament. Individual events are reserved for those who have not yet
earned an "A" or "B" USFA classification. Team events are open

Entry Fees
All individual events are $10 per event per fencer. All team events are $25
per team of three (plus alternates).

All events will be held at Lone Star Fencing Center, Dallas, Texas. Lone
Star Fencing Center is located at 2636 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 301 -- 3
blocks east of Stemmons Freeway, in the Walnut Hill Business Park.

For more information, call: (214) 252-6207

Rusty Bourland
Lone Star Fencing Center