omaha challenge - omaha, ne, usa (update)

omaha challenge - omaha, ne, usa (update)

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Changes to original post:
Sarah Cathey has accepted her invitation and will compete in the foil and
epee events
Mr. Abashidze and Mr. Kvaratskelia will offer private lessons to
interested fencers on Sunday; you may sign-up for lessons at the

sponsored by the Omaha Fencing Club
a Heartland Circuit event
a Rocky Mountain Section Circuit event

2-3 March 1996

Site: Creighton University, Kiewit Physical Fitness Center

2 March, Saturday
Men's Foil: check-in 8-8:30am
Women's Sabre: check-in 9-9:30am
Women's Foil: check-in 11-11:30am

3 March, Sunday
Men's Epee: check-in 8-8:30am
Men's Sabre: check-in 9-9:30am
Women's Epee: check-in 11-11:30am

Note: Women may fence in the men's events with payment of additional
weapon fee/s and provided they also fence the corresponding women's event.

Eligibility: Holders of current USFA competitive memberships or FIE
licenses.  Please bring card for proof of membership.

Registration $13
Entry fee (per weapon) $10
Late fee (per person) $10

Deadline: Entries must be received by 26 Feb 1996.

Please pre-register!  Include the following information: name, address,
phone number, club, division, weapon classification (letter and year
earned), event/s entering.  Send with proper fees to Melanie Chun, 321
South 49 Avenue, Omaha, NE 68132.  If you wish confirmation, please
enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

1st place: engraved silver platter
2nd - 4th: medal mounted on onyx base
5th - 8th: medal

Administration & Format
The Omaha Challenge will be managed using the ATHOS fencing software.
Formats will depend on the total number of entries in each event.  Sabre
will be fenced electrically; please brings capteurs.

Weapons Control
Masks and lames must meet USFA specifications.  Weapons will be tested on
strip.  Fencers are reminded that USFA rules will be in effect and that
all competitors must wear a safety plastron.

Scoring Equipment
The organizers gratefully acknowledge the support from participating clubs
and divisions in providing scoring equipment for past Omaha Challenges.
We again appeal to you to bring scoring equipment to assist in the smooth
running of the tournament.  Please make sure all your equipment is

Heartland Circuit
The Challenge will be the fifth and final event in this season's Heartland
Circuit.  Circuit points will be tallied at this event.  Trophies will be
awarded to the overall Circuit Champions.  Gift certificates provided by
sponsors AMERICAN FENCERS SUPPLY and SANTELLI will be awarded to the top 8
in each Circuit category.

Holiday Inn Express, 3001 Chicago St, Omaha, NE, 402.345.2222 or  This is the most convenient hotel to the venue.  Regular
rates start at $61/night.  The special Omaha Challenge rate is $51/night
for 1-4 per room.  Free continental breakfast 6:30-10:30am.  Free shuttle
service to/from airport and to surrounding area.  Facilities include
fitness center, sauna and whirlpool.  Must call the local number and ask
for the Omaha Challenge rate.  Must make reservations on or before 23 Feb

A limited number of children (infants through toddler stage) will be
accepted for daycare.  Supervision will be provided by a registered
daycare provider, who is also an experienced foster parent and mother of
five.  Please indicate need for daycare when
registering, and send this information no later than 16 Feb 1996.  Include
also number of child/ren and age/s.  Fee: $20/day/child.

Contact Tournament Coordinator Melanie Chun at 402.553.6572 or

Invited Guests
1995 Omaha Challenge Champions
  Gia Kvaratskhelia, MF, Central Sports Club, KC
  Sarah Cathey, WF and WE, Twin Cities Fencing Center, MN
  Andre Kuehnemund, ME, Northern Colorado Fencers, CO
  Reza Yazdani, MS, Central Sports Club, KC
  (Note: Mr. Kuehnemund has declined his invitation due
   to other commitments.)

  Gia Abashidze
  Gay Jacobsen
  Jason Kers