Ratings earned at Div II/III

Ratings earned at Div II/III

Post by Doug Thistlethwai » Sat, 18 Mar 1995 05:11:23


> The following is a list of classifications earned at the Division II and
> III North American Cup, held March 10-12 in Evanston, Illinois. *
> indicates a re-earned rating.

> Name                    Division     Classification
> ---------------------   ----------   --------------
> Ament, Andrea E         NORTH OHIO   C  in Foil,  D  in Epee
> Anden, Erika M          MICHIGAN     E  in Epee
> Andersen, Dave E        NEW JERSEY   C  in Epee
> Anderson, Don L         CAPITOL      E  in Sabre
> Armstrong, Laura Ann    SO. CALIF.   C  in Foil
> Auriol, Stephane        INDIANA      E  in Foil



> Ann McBain Ezzell
> USFA National Secretary (i.e., the elected kind, not the
> work-in-the-office kind)

This is the problem I have with the Division II & III events...
Did you see that list?  It's gross!

One of my proudest moments in fencing was earning my 'B' (the 'A' was even
better) by beating several 'B' and 'A' level fencers.  How good can you feel
with a rating that was earned by placing 4th against a bunch of C's, D's
and lower?

Now they will go home with their rating and get their butt's kicked earned
(real) B's.

I kind of liked the way a fencer had to BEAT fencers of the next rating (B's
and A's) to earn the rating.

I don't mind the NAC II's and III's, but I think that Inflating the ratings
of the participants to increase the turnout (revenue) is wrong.

Doug Thistlethwaite
San Bernardino Division Chair 1994-95

Doug & Kathy Thistlethwaite