Post by Jack Pra » Thu, 16 Mar 1995 00:08:15

Many congratulations to all involved.  I thought the tournament was a great
success in many areas:

1.  It allowed an interesting mix of ages in each category, providing a
great opportunity to meet new people.  I in particular thought the "older"
fencers were wonderful in their welcome to "younger" fencers -- I saw any
number of accomplished fencers take time after a bout to give advice to the
less experienced fencers.  Genuinely good sportsmanship.

2.  It provided all sorts of opportunities for folks to learn about helping
with tournaments -- refereeing & bout committee tabling.  I thought the bout
committee was especially generous of its time in offering advice to all

3.  It provided a whole new set of rewards for fencers who might otherwise
languish in the middle of open tournaments.  I should think this would add
e***ment throughout the ranks.  It's tough to know how to respond to the
suggestion for regional events.  The difficulty of staffing them would not
be insignificant; and regional events would not have the same national
flavor.  I think future Div II/III events will probably draw even more
competitors, given the success of the first one.  So regional events could
weaken the national event.  I guess I'd opt mildly in favor of encouraging
the divisions sponsor sectional events and keep the II/III events at more of
a national level.

4.  The events ran pretty much on schedule, with widespread efficiency of
using strips and referees.

5.  The facility was good, with easy access and parking, and plenty of space
for spectators.

To be sure, there were minor glitches -- the metal strips in particular
must have caused a number of injuries.  My guess is that the advance
registration will be well taken care of next year now that the event is (I
hope) firmly established in the USFA schedule.  Nothing, though, takes away
from the overall success of the tournament.

All in all, with the JOs and the Div II/III events of this season, I
think all of the organizers deserve considerable praise.

Jack Pratt (Secretary, [like Ann, elected] Indiana Division USFA)
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