1994 Australian University Fencing Champs.

1994 Australian University Fencing Champs.

Post by da.. » Mon, 11 Apr 1994 10:45:16

Hello All,

        Sorry for the delay in contacting everybody, but we are kind of new to this kind of thing. But as you know (I hope) that this years IV will be held at the University of Queensland (St Lucia Campus, Brisbane) 5th-8th July immediatly following the D.H.McKenzie which will be held at the same venue 2nd-4th July.

        Anyway, I promise that entry forms will be sent this week (MONDAY !!!), but they need to be filled out and sent back to us pronto.  So could you contact your club's executive and inform them that the information is on its way.

If you want to know anymore details or even give us the information such as the number of fencers/teams you will be sending; a contact number, fax or e-mail please e-mail me.

The President of U.Q. Fencing Club.

Danny Godfrey

Applied Climate Research Unit UQ.

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