10 or 15 touch DE bouts

10 or 15 touch DE bouts

Post by Gary Hayen » Sun, 29 Oct 1995 04:00:00

ow maybe I'm nostaligic but I would prefer to fence to 10.  These 15 point
bouts are simply too long (even though the time limit is less?).

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> OTOH bouts to 15 are long, dragged out and boring.  Generally, one side

establishes an initial lead.  The other side tries valiantly to catch up
and may, but often ends up farther behind because of mistakes.  This
cements the lead and the trailing fencer becomes disheartenned (12-7,
13-8, ...).  It becomes too late to catch up and the last hits are
academic  - no fun to watch.


> Just my opinions, wondering what you think.  In the meantime.... back to work!

> Kerry Anderson

I am a fan of the ten touch bout myself.  Win by 2 maximum of 12.  A few years
ago when we switched to the best 2 out of 3 five touch bouts for DE's
I preferred the ten touch bouts instead.  I was distinct minority
however.   At least 2/3's of all the fencers I knew liked the 2 out of 3
much better.  Then we switched to
15 touch bouts.  I don't know anyone who likes them.  Everyone I've ever asked
has preferred the 2 of 3 or 10 touch bouts.  Even the people who like 10 touch
bouts better than 2 of 3 five touch bouts don't like the 15 touch bouts.

We have to do it that way though.  The prinicple of onward progression
demands that we do things like they do them in the World Cup tourmanments.
This principle states that we have to do them at the National level to be
used to
this on the International level.  And we have to do this at the Local
level to be
able to do well at the National level.  So we have to do this in practice too.
Though we often end up fencing 10 touches anyway because 15 is just too long

gary hayenga


10 or 15 touch DE bouts

Post by PHIL MARSOSUDI » Mon, 06 Nov 1995 04:00:00

I've recently officiated in foil and sabre DEs and found that the early
DE rounds are pretty boring with 15 touches, but that the later rounds
become more and more exciting.  For the tournaments I work and compete
in, I wouldn't mind seeing the semifinals and finals at 15, with the
others at 10.  That's my wish, anyway.

Phil Marsosudiro