30" Sabre Blade

30" Sabre Blade

Post by Brian Pe » Sat, 21 Aug 1993 04:35:24

> Date: 19 Aug 93 00:14:52 GMT

> At the California State Games this week end, I watched a 10 1/2 year-old
> sabreur.  Awesome; I think he finished 4th in the under-20 men's group.
> I watched one bout (my children were fencing foil in another part of the
> room); real grace in his movements, complex attacks; he lost basically
> because he was more than a foot shorter than his opponent, and gave up
> too much reach.

> His father was there, giving a private saber lesson to someone else.
> are Russian-speakers, but I don't know how recently they came to the

Boris Sokol is the father's name.  He gives sabre lessons at the Beverly
Hills YMCA.  He has been a member of the Southern California Division
since February of this year.  

Brian A. Pena
Outgoing Chairman, SoCal Division, USFA

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