CT needs a COACH!

CT needs a COACH!

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Hello out there!

        I'm the current President/Tsar/Dude in charge of the University of Connecticut Fencing Club. Here's our problem:

                WE NEED A COACH!

Our old coach is gone (in Sweden, he is), and we need to replace him. However, the kicker in all of this is that we are also attempting to become an NCAA sport, but have limited funding before we become one.

So basically, we need someone who will help us build our club (we almost had NCAA in the 60s, ect. the club started in the 1920's...) and is willing to not earn a whole lot initially. Right now, we meet twice a week, from 8:30p on Tues and Thurs nights. We fence all weapons (electronically) and have a decent membership. But we need a coach.

If you live near the Storrs/Williamantic area in CT and are willing to consider this offer, we do have a few requirements:
        1) That the coach not interfere with the club politics as anything more than a voting member.
        2) The coach is proficient in all three weapons (at least one "C" rank is preferable, but we're flexible.)
        3) The coach has some degree of skill with the English language and has transportation.

If you're interested, you can respond here or write us at

or, if you prefer, you can use snail mail :
        UConn Fencing Club
        2110 Hillside Road
        Student Union, U8-FN
        University of Connecticut
        Storrs, CT  06269

        Thank You,  
                Mark, UCFC Pres.