Harvard Fencing: a new WWW page

Harvard Fencing: a new WWW page

Post by Andrew Prihod » Sat, 06 May 1995 04:00:00


Although our page was created 2 months ago, we decided that
it is time to announce its existence on the newsgroup.

The URL is:

We are now in the process of finishing the page, so plan to visit us
several times -- new stuff will appear almost every day.

Also, we have established a mailing list for our fans.  Don't worry,
you won't get flooded by junk e-mail if you subscribe.  We will just
announce our meets on this list - max 30 messages a year.  So everybody
is welcome to subscribe.

line of the message, type:

  subscribe fencing-friends your_email_address

Thanks a lot,

Andrew Prihodko