British Sabre Championships

British Sabre Championships

Post by Cameron Hal » Tue, 19 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Just in case anyone is interested here are some of the results from
this years British Sabre Championships held in Bath 16th/17th March.

The event was won by James Williams who beat Kirk Zavieh (i think)
in the final.  In his semi-final James beat 17 (?) year old David
Sach who had beaten Scottish No. 1 Paul Honneigmann in the Last 8.  
Also eliminated in the quarter finals was British No. 1 Ian Williams,
knocked out by James on his way to the final.

It was the largest competition ever with 102 competitors and a NIFF
count of 117, just 3 from the top 50 not present.

After the customary (i believe) night at that quality nite-spot
'banana joes' the teams event eventualy started.  Predictably enough
the final was Frollich 'A' v's Frolich 'B'.  The A team of Ian
Williams, Kirk Zavieh and Peter Greening defeated the top seeded B
team of James WIlliams, Raj Sharma and Rob Partridge.

The Strathclyde University Results were as follows:

Cameron Hall   - 33
Michael Wright - 59 (ish)
Alex Lund      - 63

In the team event we done good and reached 6th place out of 15 teams

If anyone wants more results and asks nicely I might be able to get

     Cameron Hall