Places for fencing (beginning) NYC

Places for fencing (beginning) NYC

Post by Brian R. Ibbots » Mon, 24 Jul 1995 04:00:00

hi... I was wondering if anyone has any feedback about where to take up
fencing in NYC... I trained for several months with the team at my HS
(6-7 years ago) and was briefly in the fencing class as Hunter College
this past semester...

unfortunately, the class is inconveniently scheduled for this upcoming
semester, and the college team's training schedule is impossible for me
to me... so where next?

i had heard in HS about the New York Fencer's Club, but i think that's on
the UpperWestSide (i'm coming from distant edge of Queens and focusing my
activities on the EastSide)... are there any other place in New York?

also... where is good place to purchase equipment... it seems (from
tenth-hand opinions on the Net) that Blade has a bad rep (why?) and if I
do end up finding a place i would want to use my own equipment...