World Champs: Summary & UK Results

World Champs: Summary & UK Results

Post by Nick Manto » Tue, 25 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Here is a summary of the ten gold medal places at this years World Champs

Event               Champion               1994 Champion
Men's Foil          Chevtchenko (RUS)      Tucker (CUB)
Men's Team Foil     Cuba                   Italy

Women's Foil        Badea (ROM)            Szabo-Lazar (ROM)
Women's Team Foil   Romania                Italy

Sabre               Kirienko (RUS)         Becker (ALL)
Team Sabre          Italy                  Russia

Men's Epee          Srecki (FRA)           Kolobov (RUS)
Men's Team Epee     Germany                France

Women's Epee        Jakimiuk (POL)         Chiesa (ITA)
Women's Team Epee   Hungary                Spain

British Results (as far as I know so far)

Men's Foil          Paul Walsh             50th
                    Doniert McFarlane      62nd
                    Donnie McKenzie        72nd
                    Khaled Beydoun         77th

Women's Foil        Fiona McIntosh         47th
                    Linda Strachan         48th
                    Lucy Harris            68th
                    Sarah Mawby            72nd

Sabre               Ian Williams           41st
                    James Williams         49th
                    Kirk Zavieh            55th
                    Amin Zahir             62nd

Men's Epee          Chis Howser            90th
                    George Liston          109th
                    Quentin Berriman       124th
                    Robin Davenport        138th

Women's Epee        Penny Tomlinson        L32 ?
                    C***te Read         67th
                    Carol Greenway         102nd
                    Georgina Usher         ??

Nick Manton
Imperial College Fencing Club