Brock/Niagara Swordsman Challenge

Brock/Niagara Swordsman Challenge

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Whopps!!!!!!! My news client decided to kill everything I
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Subject: Brock/Niagara Swordsman Challenge

Once again it's time for the annual Brock P.C./ Challenge Circuit
competition. This year we expect an increase of competitors to our
competition over last years Ontario record. Prizes shall be available
this year (medals) as well as OFA Equipment vouchers.

Hope to see your there...maps are available via the internet upon request.


                Brock Varsity/Niagara Swordsman Challenge
              sanctioned by the Ontario Fencing Association

Date:   November 11,12 1995

Location: Brock University      Physical Education Center Gym 2
          St. Catharines, Ontario

Entry Fee:      $15.00 (OFA members)
                $20.00 (non-OFA members)
                Pre registration accepted up to November 5
                Registration after November 5 entry fee+$5.00


Saturday, November 11

MF      9:00 A.M.       Reg. Closes
 S     10:00 A.M.       Reg. Closes
LE      1:00 P.M.       Reg. Closes

Sunday, November 12

LF      9:00 A.M.       Reg. Closes
 E     10:00 A.M.       Reg. Closes

Please note that Sabre shall be co-ed unless sufficient female
competitors warrent otherwise.

Contact Information:

       c/o Tim Stang

Telephone: (905)774-3708

Mail:   Kirk and Kathy Girard
        Dunnville, Ontario
        N1A 2W7