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Carnegie Mellon University
1993 Annual Fall Collegiate
Team Fencing Tournament

Saturday 23 October 1993
CMU Main Gym
Pittsburgh, PA

Events: Men's Foil                    Registration for all events
        Women's Foil                  closes at 10:30AM.

Entry Fees: $30 per pre-registered team; $45 otherwise

Teams are composed of 3 fencers each. At least 2 of the fencers must be
enrolled college students. Bring validated college ID. USFA membership
is not required for competition. Schools may enter as many teams as they
like for any and all events. Approximately ten schools are expected to

Foil and epee will be electric. A sabre match will be electric whenever
the two opposing teams both have electric gear; dry otherwise.

The new USFA rules will be applied. Tentatively the format will be pools
of teams followed by direct elimination of teams.

A trophy will be awarded to the best school overall, medals to winning
teams, and ribbons to finalists.

CMU's gymnasium has changing areas, lockers, and showers for both men
and women.

Competing clubs are asked to bring at least one working set of scoring
equipment (machines, reels, floor cords, extension cords) to insure
smooth running of the competition. Please make sure your equipment is
labelled in some way. If your club is well-funded, we'd like to beg
(plead, grovel) that you bring as many sets as you can.

To pre-register call Randy Bruno at (412) 621-4282 (or send Email to

collected at registration; payment for pre-registered teams does NOT
have to be made in advance. Checks should be made payable to Carnegie
Mellon University.

CMU Fencing Club, Skibo Info. Desk, 5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213