Need contacts for fencing in San Francisco

Need contacts for fencing in San Francisco

Post by Chris Richards » Sat, 06 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Fellow fencers.

A fencing buddy is on his way to San Francisco and will be there from
February 25th to 4th March 1996 and would like to fence.

He is a left-handed epeeist of British County standard.

He would like to know:

1.      Are there any clubs where he could fence

2.      How much equipment does he need to bring; ie. could he
        borrow a left handed epee (croisse handle or pistol grip)

3.      He has FIE membership and AFA (British Association) membership so
        are there any other hurdles to overcome.

Email contacts would be preferable with some local San Francisco numbers
to call when he gets there.

Please send answers directly to him at

Regards - Chris