USFA Nationals '98 in San Jose area?

USFA Nationals '98 in San Jose area?

Post by Eric D » Sat, 08 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Since it is only mid '95, I guess I can throw this wild idea out and see
where it might lead to.  I am interested in having the Cen Cal Division host
the '98 USFA Nationals in the San Jose area (Santa Clara, to be precise).

Perhaps Ann Ezzell or George K (is Michael Massik on the net?) might be able
to help me out here.  Before I go into the details of what I need to know and
such, let me offer some reasons for Santa Clara:

1:  Close to two (maybe three) major airports: SFO is 30 miles north,
OAK is 30 miles north, on other side of bay, and SJO is five miles from the
intended site.

2:  Huge site.  I'm considering the Westin Hotel/Santa Clara Convention Center.
I've been at the Convention center for various events and I can postively
aver that there is plenty of room and to spare.

3:  Paramount Great America is right next door.  Perhaps I can get them to
throw in a $30 for the week pass to all fencers.  Perhaps we can run the
finals at Paramount.  Maybe Paramount might want to shoot a movie with
fencing in it at Great America (Beverly Hills Cop III was filmed at "WallyWorld"
which was Great America).

4:  With advance planning, I will try to secure media coverage, and perhaps
cooperation from the local gov't (as was done for the Cincinnati site).

5:  Experienced local organizers.  I don't speak on behalf of Sherry Posthumus,
Jen Yu, Kathy Krusen, et al., but they are a great bunch of experienced
tournament organizers, so locally we have the support, and I'm sure they
will be more than willing to jump into this gambit.


               What would be nice for the division to know:

Well, I would like to know how Cincinnati got the local gov't to secure
media coverage (as I recall reading in one of the USFA Newsletters or the
magazine).  I would like to know how I can talk the management of Westin
Hotel and Conv'tn Center to give us a great deal, and what we can promise.

[I'm thinking of setting the events to ensure that most people will HAVE
to stay around for 4 days, say (sorry, Bruce M and others who objected to
having to fence the senior events a week after the Div I event), so that
the hotel can get a guarantee of long occupancy, maybe as a trade-off
for lower rates.  I have a cousin who's in Hotel management consulting.
Maybe I'll bug him on this respect to see what prices will make it
profitable to the hotel without bankrupting the fencers.  Also, with
a possible $30 7-day pass for fencers at Great America, it may not be so
bad for the fencers:  treat it as a vacation.  I might work something out
with Raging Rapids or whatever it's called (it's in San Jose.  Lot's of
fun in the sun and water).]

I also would like to know how I can get the local media interested in
televising parts of the finals and such.  I understand that the Nationals
this year held all the final four bouts the following day. That is a good
idea because it meant a definite start time.  I remember at the JOs this
year (in San Jose), we had a television camera from KNTV, a local station
at the finals of the U-20 MF.  He left just before the fencers started, and
the fencers started about 20 minutes later than the 7:00 pm schedule.  Not
to fault anyone, but we could have had actual TV coverage had it started
at 7 pm (then again, it might have just been 5 seconds at the end of the
sports segment).  I would like to know if anyone has approached other
sports networks like ESPN or SportsChannel to televise or tape it for future

Any and all help to make this Jugendtraum a reality (or killed at its
inception!) would be greatly appreciated!



USFA Nationals '98 in San Jose area?

Post by Scott Wentwort » Sat, 15 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I'm with you 100%.  I used to live in the Bay area and I think it's a nice
place to host Nationals.  '95's J.O.'s were held in San Jose and the weather
was perfect.  Not to hot and not to cold.  There are also plenty of things to
do in the in between times (a lot more than Nashville, anyway).
        P.S.:  No offense intended to Nashville.  It was fun, but I did get bored.