Telephone Numbers for Fencing Companies

Telephone Numbers for Fencing Companies

Post by Lisa A. M. Tyso » Fri, 28 Jan 1994 20:27:43

American   415-863-7911
Blade      212-620-0114
Colonial   414-377-9166
Santelli   201-871-3105
Triplette  919-786-5294

There is also a company known as the Blue Guantlet, I believe in
New York.

I have found Blade and Colonial to be inexpensive and ok.
Colonial practically uses their catalogs as packing material 8*D

I have recently placed an order with American and am pleased with
their help.  The front close 3 weapon ladies jacket I ordered from
them 3 months ago is *very* nice and comfortable.

Hope this helps.

-- Lisa    U Maine Blade Society  & SCA Fencing