Harrisburg Division Schedule

Harrisburg Division Schedule

Post by Edward Ka » Tue, 07 Nov 1995 04:00:00

The Harrisburg Division USFA would like to invite all to come and sample
our hospitality.  Tired of trashing the skyscrapers in the cities? How
about raiding and pillaging in the countryside?  Ripe young fencers are
anxious to see if you're more than a second-rate barbarian!

Honestly, the Harrisburg Division has seen considerable growth recently
and we're interested in showcasing the talent within our division.  We've
put together a challenging schedule.  This year, we are running an
inaugural Circuit event of tournaments to see who is the best overall,
and who is a one-weapon upstart.

The schedule for the remainder of '95 is as follows:

Nov 11 (Sat) 10am  Mixed Open Foil  Jefferson Hall, Univ. of Scranton
Nov 12 (Sun)  1pm  Mixed Open Foil  Franklin & Marhall Univ., Lancaster

Nov 19 (Sun)  1pm  Tom Dann Epee Extravaganza (Mixed Open Epee)
        Swords will be gived away as prizes!  ***inson College, Carlile

Dec 2  (Sat)  10am Mixed D-Foil       Derry Twp Rec Center, Hershey
            12noon Mixed Open Foil(*) Derry Twp Rec Center, Hershey
               1pm Mixed Open Sabre   Derry Twp Rec Center, Hershey

Should you decide to test your skill against these valiant and able
swordsman and women, you may garner more information by calling upon

advance so that we may show you a proper time before disarming you of
your weapon and your smirk!  At $7 for walk-ins ($5 for pre-registered),
you will not find a more inexpensive way to have fun.

And if you decide that entering this dragon's lair is too much for you,  
throw out your challenge.  We've many a young squire seeking to match
wits and blades with your best!  A traveling band of roques are we!
Come for us before we come for thee!

Hope you enjoyed the attempt at some type of creativity!  Too often we
forget that behind all the training, we fence because we love it.

Till we cross blades,

Edward Kane
Harrisburg Division USFA