Post by Joe Herma » Tue, 15 Feb 1994 18:03:47

I am a foil fencer on my school's team, and have been using the schools
equipment for as long as I've been fencing.  Now, I want to buy a set of gear
- that I can use to train over the summer - and when I get back to school.  
I'd like to spend $300 or less and get the following equipment:

Foils (practice and electric)
Jacket, Knickers, Body Cord

What can I get for $ this number unrealistic?  If so - what kinda
figure should I be thinking about?  I can't afford to get the BEST stuff right
now - but I don't want to waste my moneyeither...I'd really appreciate it if
people could post the names of the manugfacturers that they personally like
(for the afforementioned equipment) and their approximate prices...Thanx in

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Post by Atho » Wed, 16 Feb 1994 04:53:32


>I'd like to spend $300 or less and get the following equipment:
>Foils (practice and electric)
>Jacket, Knickers, Body Cord


I personally buy all my equipment from either American Fencer's Supply
Company or Santelli Inc.  (See FAQ for addresses and phone numbers.)
I have never been dissatisfied with equipment from the two companies,
although AFS can be really slow if they don't have something in stock
at the time.  Things they don't get a lot of call for (i.e. Prieur blades)
can take a while to get.

I am particularly fond of my weapons from American F.S.  I don't
know where you live, but walk-in business is best at AFS.  They are
located in San Francisco south of Market.  They will let you select
the blade that you want (They have a very wide selection.), mount it,
and do any modifications to the weapon.  I am very picky about the
angle at which a french handle is set, and rather than do the adjustment
myself, I can have them do it.

A word of caution, both are not necessarily the cheapest.  Triplette
is often cheaper, but the quality is not always there.  Incidentally,
I also really like the fit of Santelli whites.

Happy trails,




Post by AGGIE FENC » Wed, 16 Feb 1994 21:03:00

:>Foils (practice and electric)
:>Jacket, Knickers, Body Cord
:>What can I get for $ this number unrealistic?  If so - what kinda

$300!?!?!?!?!?  Well it won't be top of the line equipment but still fairly
decent all the same.  I suggest you try Triplette's Foil Practice and Electric
Starter sets.  Then buy one more blade (electric).  For the bag, just go down
to your handy dandy army surplus or sporting goods store and buy a large duffel.
Make sure it is large enought though.  Kickers, well unless you absolutly _have_
to have them, I would suggest baseball pants.  They work quite well.  Best of
luck!  ($300 isn't unreasonable but I would have some spare cash set aside all
the same)

Dave Sierra
Aggie Fencer