REPOST: Pomme de Terre tournament, Nov 13-14

REPOST: Pomme de Terre tournament, Nov 13-14

Post by Stan Yen - Sun BOS Hardware - Scan Gru » Wed, 10 Nov 1993 03:12:39

Just a last minute reminder.  Last year's tournament had a decent showing
(~30 entries/weapon) and is expected to be bigger than last year.  Lots
of fun, with potato prizes for all.


unfortunately, early entries are no longer being accepted, although
same-day entries are OK, just be there early.

                        The New England Division
                                 of the
                        U.S. Fencing Association

                            Proudly Presents

                              Sixth Annual
        ___  __  _  _ _  _ ___     _      _____ ___ ___  ___  ___
       | o \/o \| \/ | \/ | __|  _| | __ |_   _| __| o \| o \| __|
       |  _/    |    |    | __| /o  |/o_\  | | | __|   /|   /| __|
       |_|  \__/|_\/_|_\/_|___| \___|\__/  |_| |___|_,_\|_,_\|___|

                            (POMME de TERRE)
                           Fencing Tournament

                         November 13th and 14th
                      MIT's Johnson Athletic Center
                              Cambridge, MA

                      Bigger and Better than ever!
                        More room!  More strips!
                    Computer-aided meet management!
                   Potato treats for all competitors!

Saturday, November 13th: Brazilian format competition for unclassified fencers
                         in Men's & Women's Foil, Epee and Sabre

Sunday, November 14th:   FIE format open competition in Men's & Women's Foil
                         Epee and Sabre

                           Schedule of Events:

Saturday         Close of                   Saturday         Close of
Unclassified     Registration               Open             Registration

Men's Foil        8:30am                    Men's Foil        8:30am
Women's Foil      9:00am                    Women's Foil      8:45am
Men's Epee       11:30am*                   Women's Epee     11:15am
Women's Epee     11:30am*                   Men's Epee       11:30am
Men's Sabre       1:30pm*                   Women's Sabre     1:00pm
Women's Sabre     1:30pm*                   Men's Sabre       1:30pm

*Men's and Women's events may be combined.

- Fencing will start approximately 1/2 hour after close of registration.

- Fencers not checked in by close of registration will be scratched.

- No delays or out-of-order bouts will be allowed for fencers competing in
  more than one event.  Bouts will be scratched per USFA rules.

- All competitors must be current USFA members.  USFA equipment rules will be
  strictly enforced.  You must bring your USFA card to check-in.

Entry fee:
Seniors:            $10/event
Juniors:            $5/event

Registration Fee:
advanced (by 11/8): $5
Same-day:           $10

For more information, or, better yet, entry forms,
you can write:

NEUSFA c/o Boston Fencing Club
125 Walnut St.
Watertown, MA 02172

Or call: (617) 926-3450


Pomme de Terre (email) Entry form

---8<---Cut Here---8<--------------------------------------------------------
ENTRY FORM - '93 Pomme de Terre                   Events entering:
                                                     Sat.    Sun.
                                                     Uncl.   Open
name           :                                  MF ___     ___
address        :                                  WF ___     ___
city,state,zip :                                  ME ___     ___
telephone #    :                                  WE ___     ___
club           :                                  MS ___     ___
usfa #         :                                  WS ___     ___
rating   F:     E:     S:
jr/sr                                             Number of events  _______

  to the NEUSFA.
                                                  Registration Fee  _______
                                                   $5, by 11/8
                                                   $10, after 11/8
Return form to: NEUSFA c/o Boston Fencing Club
                125 Walnut St.                    Total Due:        _______
                Watertown, MA 02172

Membership fees must be paid by a separate check payable to the USFA.

You may add additional events on the day of the event.

NEUSFA waivers not valid for Pomme de Terre.

WAIVER OF LIABILITY: Upon entering these events under the auspices of the
NEUSFA, I agree to abide by the rules of the USFA.  I enter these competitions
at my own risk and release the NEUSFA and their sponsors, officials and
event organizers from any liability.

__________________________________  __________
Fencer's Signature                  Date

Signature of Parent/Guardian

Confirmation will not be sent -- call (617) 926-3450.