Virginia Division Newsletter & Schedule

Virginia Division Newsletter & Schedule

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***ia Division, USFA Fall 1995

                               The Board

Dan Vunck
4041 Gaelic Lane Apt. B
Glen Allen, VA 23060-6435

Vice Chair:
Dave Eaton
3024 Cicero Pkwy
Chester, VA 23831

Mark Orton
3325 Executive Ave.
Falls Church, VA 22042

Paul Campbell
1001-A Chicago Ave.
Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Charlene DiMiceli
4 Marshall Blvd., Apt. E
Lexington Park, MD 20653

Diane Ferguson
19 Wynkoop Ct.
Bethesda, MD 20817
301-229-6657 (before 9:30pm, please)

                         Notes from the Chair

Once again a new fencing season is upon us. This will be a big
for the division. In the spring we will be the host division
for the
Southeast Sectionals. This means we will not have to travel as
but we will have more work to do. We will need lots of
volunteers to
help out. The date and venue will be announced when they are

I am sure all of you who came to tournaments last year are
aware of
the problems we were having with the scoring equipment. To
solve this
problem the division has purchased four new Uhlmann reels. This
expense, along with the two new three-weapon scoring boxes we
last season, has drained most of the division's treasury. To
allow us
to continue upgrading the equipment and running quality
the entry fee structure has been changed:

                         NEW ENTRY FEES
                         FIRST WEAPON                $10
                         SECOND WEAPON                $5
                         THIRD WEAPON                 $5

Please note there has been no change to the cost to fence a
second or
third weapon per weekend. This has been done to encourage you to
compete in a second or third weapon and increase the caliber of
division's epee and sabre competitions.

There has been an improvement in the electric scoring system for
sabre. Capteurs are no longer necessary. This change requires no
modifications to your current weapons or personal gear.
The capteur-less system was used at Nationals and worked very
It eliminated most of the electrical problems of sabre.
The only change to the rules is that any contact between your
and your opponent's lame results in a light (except for

With all of the rule changes of the past few years, there has
not been
an updated director's exam available. This has led to a
scarcity of
rated directors in ***ia. We are hoping to have an
up-to-date exam
soon. If you are interested in becoming a rated director,
please talk
to a member of the executive committee at any tournament.

Included in this newsletter is a survey. The executive
committee is
very interested in your opinions. We need to know what can be
done to
improve the tournaments and quality of fencing in ***ia.
this is your division, and without your suggestions we can only
at what needs to be changed and what is working. Please spend a
minutes to let us know what we can do to make fencing better
for you.

See you on the strip,

Dan Vunck

                   Additional Information on Events

Starting Times:
Except as noted for individual events, registration closes at
9:30 am
for epee and foil, and at 11:30 for sabre. Fencers may be
allowed to
register late, at the discretion of the bout committee, but
there is a
$5.00 late fee in addition to the usual entry fee. Fencing
starts as
soon as possible after the close of registration.

Except as noted, events are open to all competitive members of
USFA and foreign fencers with current FIE licenses.

Entry Fees:
Entry fees are $10.00 for the first individual event in a
weekend and
$5.00 each for the second and third. For team competitions,
plan on
$10 per person. Reduced entry fees apply for J.O. Qualifiers.

Safety Requirements:
Due to USFA insurance requirements, all fencers in ***ia
competitions are responsible for meeting the following safety
*       Clothing must be in good condition (no holes).

*       Competitors must wear plastrons in all weapons regardless of
        type of jacket (FIE or otherwise).

*       Women must wear *** protectors in all weapons.
        (There is no equivalent requirement for men, but appropriate armor
        is strongly recommended!)

*       Masks must be in good condition and must be able to
        pass the 12 kilogram punch test. The bib must be securely sewn to
        the mask with strong thread (e.g., dental floss).

*       Knickers or pants must be made of sufficiently robust
        material and must fasten below the knees. Neither sweatpants nor
        shorts are acceptable.

*       Jackets must overlap knickers/pants by at least 10 cm.

*       Fencers who do not have appropriate equipment may not be
        allowed to fence.

                        Notes from the Editor

The division will have new medals later this season, designed
by Seth
Gehauf, copyright 1995. The design appears on the first page of
newsletter. Thanks to Seth for his hard work and great design.

Congratulations to ***ia Division members who were finalists
year at Nationals. As you know if you have read the latest
issue of
American Fencing, Joe Hoffman placed 8th in Men's Division II
Foil, and
Lara Mahony placed 5th in Under-19 Women's Sabre. The division
made an excellent showing in the senior age events,
particularly in
men's and women's sabre. This makes three years in a row that
division has medaled in official events at Nationals...let's
the trend next year in Cincinnati!

If you have Internet access, please note that the USFA's World
Web page has moved to a new URL: This Web
site is

information on national schedules, point standings, tournaments,
selection criteria, etc.

                       ***ia Division Survey

The ***ia Division is requesting that you fill out this short
survey to provide feedback on our local fencing tournaments.
return this survey by giving it to the bout committee at any
divisional tournament, by sending it to Dan Vunck (see address
on the
front page), or by faxing it to Dan at 804-285-5912.

The Division would like to find out if we are providing
tournaments and serving the needs of a wide range of our
fencers. We
would particularly like to find out how to encourage greater
participation, particularly of epee and sabre fencers, and of
fencers in all weapons.

Please provide some information about yourself (this
information will
be kept anonymous):
__ Male   __ Female
__ Under 20 years of age   __ 20 to 39   __ 40 and over
__ Foil   __ Epee   __ Sabre (check all that apply)
__ Competes Often (>10 tournaments a year) in Divisional
                         __ Competes Occasionally (5-9
tournaments a year)   __ Competes
                         Rarely (1-4 tournaments a year)/Never
Do you compete outside the Division? If yes, are they __
                         competitions or __ local competitions
in other divisions?
                         How many a year of each?


1.  Are you satisfied with the standard days and starting times
    events? If not, please comment (including reasons that you
are not
    satisfied and alternative suggestions).

2.  Are you satisfied with the locations of tournaments (in
terms of
    geographic distribution and suitability of the venue)? If
    please provide suggestions.

3.  Most events are mixed (men and women). Would you fence more
    less often if they were separate?

4.  What can the ***ia Division do to cause you to come to

5.  Is the cost of entering a tournament a limiting factor in
    number of competitions you enter (and in the number of
events at
    each competition)? What about other costs (such as travel)?

6.  Do you have any suggestions on ways that we can increase
    participation of epee and sabre fencers and women fencers?

At this time the ***ia Division is soliciting contributions
the members. Donations will go towards the purchase of more new
equipment. If you would like to make a donation, please send a
made out to ***ia Division, USFA, and send it to Dan Vunck
or hand
in your donation when you register at any divisional tournament.

            ***ia Division Schedule of Events, Fall 1995

In case of bad weather, call Dan Vunck or any member of the
Executive Committee. Unless indicated otherwise, all events will be
electric.  Fencers must have two working weapons to enter electric
meets. See "Additional Information on Events" for standard starting

Date            Event                    Venue           Points

Sept. 9 and 10   Foil, Epee, and Sabre    VCU           divisional

Sept. 23 and 24 Foil, Epee, and Sabre     W&M*new gym*  divisional

Sept. 30 and NAC Open #1 (MS, ME, Kansas City, MO       national
Oct. 1                    WS)

Oct. 6,7,8 NAC Open #1 (MF, WF) Palo Alto, CA           national

Oct. 7 and 8 Tech Open (WF, MF, E,     ***ia Tech    divisional
                 S). (MF and WF will be
                 fenced separately but
                 reg'n for both closes
                 at 9:30am)

(Possibly Oct.  Chesapeake Challenge York, PA           circuit
14 & 15 - TBA)   Circuit (CCC) Event #1:
                 Susquehanna Open
                 (MF, WF, ME, WE, S)

Oct. 29 Cavalier Novice Foil                   UVa        novice
                 Your first competition
                 must have been after

Nov. 4 and 5 Foil, Epee, and Sabre             VCU        divisional

Nov. 18 and 19 Junior Olympic                  VCU        junior
                 Qualifiers (WF, MF,
                 WE, ME, WS, MS)
                 You must be a member
                 of the Va. Division,
                 and you must be under
                 20 years old as of 1/1/96.

Dec. 2 and 3 Foil, Epee, and Sabre             VCU        divisional

Dec. 9 and 10 CCC#2: Charm City         Johns Hopkins,    circuit
                 Classic (Call Guy       Baltimore
                 Moore at 410-442-1427)

Dec. 15,16,17 NAC Open #2 (WF, MF,        Tucson, AZ       national
                 WE, ME, WS, MS)

Jan. 6 and 7 CCC#3 Hangover Classic     VCU Cary Street    divisional
                 (WF, MF, ME, WE, S).       Gym            and circuit
                 ME and WE will be
                 separate if at least
                 six women compete.

Jan. 12-14 NAC Open/U20 #3 (WF,           Harvey, IL       national
                 (MF, WE, ME, WS, MS)

                       Directions to Tournaments

Richmond: VCU Franklin and Cary Street Gyms
From the West:
Take 64 East toward Richmond.
Merge onto 95 South. From this point use the "From the North"

From the North:
Take 95 South toward Richmond .
Take exit 76B (Belvidere).
Turn LEFT on West Leigh Street.
Turn RIGHT at first traffic light onto Belvidere.
Continue through several lights, then make a RIGHT at Broad
At the second light make a LEFT onto Harrison.
From here follow below directions for the appropriate gym.

From the East::
Take 64 West toward Richmond.
Merge onto 95 North.
From here use the "From the South" directions.

From the South:
Take 95 North toward Richmond.
Take exit 76A (Chamberlayne Ave.).
At light at the top of the exit ramp bear LEFT onto
Continue on Chamberlayne until Broad Street.
Make a RIGHT onto Broad.
At the third light make a LEFT onto Harrison.
From here follow below directions for the appropriate gym.

Cary Street Gym Option:
Continue on Harrison through several lights.
Make a LEFT onto Cary Street.
The gym is two blocks down on the RIGHT.
On-street parking is allowed.

Franklin Street Gym Option:
Stay on Harrison until the second light.
Make a LEFT onto Franklin Street.
The gym is two blocks down on the RIGHT.
On-street parking is allowed. DO NOT feed the parking meters on

Williamsburg: William and Mary (New Gym)
From everywhere:
Take Interstate 64.
Take the Busch Gardens exit onto Route 199 West.
Go straight on 199 until you come to the fourth traffic light.
This is
Jamestown Rd.
Turn RIGHT onto Jamestown Rd.
Continue on Jamestown Rd. until the road narrows and the speed
drops to 25.
Take the next LEFT (just before the huge parking lot).
Turn LEFT at the first stop sign.
Continue until you come to a stop sign at a pedestrian crossing.
William & Mary Hall is the next building on the left. The new
gym is
behind William& Mary Hall and has a peaked gable roof.

Blacksburg: VA Tech War Memorial Gym
From everywhere:
Take Interstate 81.
Take Exit 118 onto US 460 toward Blacksburg.
US 460 becomes Main Street.
Continue into town, past Country Club Drive.
Turn LEFT onto Washington Street.
Go two blocks and turn RIGHT onto Kent Street.
Kent runs into an oval drive; the gym is on the oval.

C***tesville: University of ***ia, Memorial Gymnasium
(Note: If
the novice tournament will not be held at Mem Gym, UVa will
further directions from that point.)
From the east and west:
Take 64 to Exit 22B onto 29N/250.
Take the first exit on the right to 29N Business.
Continue straight through one traffic light.
Take the left fork onto Emmet St. (29N). Road curves to the
After the overpass, the parking for Memorial Gymnasium will be
first parking deck on your right. The gym is just past the
parking, on
Emmet St.

From the north:
Take 29S, which becomes Emmet St.
Memorial Gymnasium is the first building on the left after
Emmet St.
narrows to one lane each way. Parking is just past the gym,
also on
the left.

From the south:
Take 29N Business to (right-hand) exit just past the Route 64
(Follow east & west directions from here.)

Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Fencing Room
From the south:
Take I-95 to I-395.
Take a RIGHT onto Conway Street, to end at Inner Harbor.
Go LEFT on Light Street.
Zig-zag onto Calvert Street and stay on it to the 3500 block.
Take a LEFT onto University Parkway.
Take a LEFT at the second light (San Martin Drive/39th Street).
Go LEFT at the second entrance into the parking lot in back of
Athletic Center. The fencing room is in the ba***t (you will
probably have to use the main front entrance to get in).

From the north:
Take I-83 and exit at Cold Spring Lane East.
Go RIGHT on Roland Avenue (top of hill).
Make an immediate half-LEFT at the fork onto University Parkway.
Take a RIGHT at the double light (San Martin Drive/39th Street).
Go LEFT at the second entrance into the parking lot in back of
Athletic Center. The fencing room is in the ba***t (you will
probably have to use the main front entrance to get in).