Request for experiences dealing with Blade Fencing

Request for experiences dealing with Blade Fencing

Post by Chris Holzm » Fri, 31 Mar 1995 04:00:00

: I'm interested in any feedback anyone has dealing with Blade Fencing -
: the equipment supply company.  If anyone has any experience to offer in
: dealing with them - positive or negative - please drop me a line by

:                                                       --DK

: Disclaimer: I have no (zero, zilch) connection with Blade or any other
: fencing supply company.  I will not be communicating anything anyone
: sends by way of reply to them or to any of their competitors.
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 blade is... ok.. when you can get someone on the phone that can speak
english..  i have had people answer the phone and either say 'no speak
english, hold on' or have such a thick accent they werent understadable.


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Request for experiences dealing with Blade Fencing

Post by CJarr » Sat, 01 Apr 1995 04:00:00

The only "Blade" equipment I own is a foil glove - I bought it in an
emergency situation when I couldn't find my own glove, so I had to have
something... It's falling apart - more from shoddy workmanship than from
genuine use.  That's not enough to say there's a trend, but I prefer
Santelli stuff (more expensive perhaps, but I think it's well worth it).

As for getting people that barely speak English... Everyone I've ever
spoken to at Santelli speaks English perfectly.  Furthermore, they usually
answer the phone on or before the 2nd ring, and I never have trouble
making them understand what I want.  I've only had one mistake recently,
where they sent me the wrong size knickers, but all things considered
that's not that big a deal.  Also, their people are fairly up to date on
rules changes, and if you don't know what the part number for something
is, just describe it to them - they're pretty accurate at figuring out
what you need.

Their whites are VERY good quality.  And my Santelli mask, which I bought
8 years ago still passes a 12kg punch test with flying colors - granted
for 4 of those years it was sitting in a closet, but it's still an
impressive record.

My experience with other vendors is limited.  I've never ordered from
American Fencer Supply.  My first jacket was from Triplette, and it was
OK, but I was more impressed with their catalog (which is way cool) than
the jacket.  Apart from my foil glove, I've never dealt with Blade.

In short, I recommend Santelli - they're expensive but good.

Chip Jarred