The TFC Open and the California Saber Circuit I

The TFC Open and the California Saber Circuit I

Post by Eric D » Sat, 01 Oct 1994 15:11:17

The California Saber Circuit I will be held on Saturday, Oct 8 at
San Jose State University.  Check-in closes at 10:30 am.  For more info,
call 415-992-7043 (Central Cal Division Hotline)  Location:

San Jose State University Gym 7th and San Carlos Sts.  call 408-275-8546 for
additional info.

As it is a big event (saber fencers from northern and southern california
will be participating), cost is $10 (I believe - what a division chair, eh?)

Also, the above event is a change from its originally scheduled date of Oct 22.
So don't go there on Oct. 22!!

The next day, Sunday, Oct 9 is the 6th annual TFC Open (foil).  Cost is also
$10 and check-in closes at 10:30 am, too.  There may be television coverage
(in an effort to spotlight some of the local up-and-coming junior fencers
and their march to the Junior Olympics Championships to be held at San Jose
in February), so it would be nice to have a large turnout, especially of
spectators!!  Bring family and friends!!  There will be refreshments and neat
prizes to the top finishers (and junior finishers, as well).

The Fencing Center (TFC) is located on 40 North First Street, 3rd Floor
in San Jose (downtown).  Call the above Central Cal Division hotline or call
408-298-8230 (TFC phone #) for more info.

See you there, folks.