buying equipment in London

buying equipment in London

Post by Matthew Wiks » Fri, 22 Jul 1994 06:06:37


        Thanks to everyone who sent info about fencing at
Oxford.  It was a big help.

        Now I have another question: where and how can I
purchase fencing gear in London or environs?  Here's the
situation: I need a mask and lame (I think I want a Prieur
mask; I don't know about the lame) for a month before I leave
for England, and of course for the duration of my stay there.
Should I order from a catalog in the US and take it all with me
to England, or just borrow something here for the time being
and make my purchases abroad?  I'm asking because I don't know
1) if the exchange rate will kill me; 2) if prices in England
are high in their own right; and 3) if there are even any actual
stores there to try things on and compare various different
brands of gear (there aren't any close to me in the US).
Addresses or telephone numbers would be most appreciated if
anyone knows them (I know this thread came up a few months ago,
but I didn't realize I'd want it later!).  My email is