Books on Historical Fencing

Books on Historical Fencing

Post by Bruce Pricke » Thu, 17 Jun 1993 01:44:41

Here's a couple of books for those interested in the history
of European fencing:


Domenico Angelo (M. Angelo)

Land's End Press 1971 (No ISBN number on my copy)

A black and white facsimile version of a book published in the 18th century
by London's leading fencing maestro. Numerous plates illustrating basic moves,
salutes, disarming actions, and unusual situations. The small-sword techniques
described by Angelo are direct ancestors of modern foil, and use the same
basic parries and attacks. This edition also includes a set of plates by
Angelo's son, who taught "Highland Broadsword and Hungarian Saber" to cavalry
units. These plates are often reproduced, and inspired the illustrations in
Hutton's _Cold_Steel_.

I once was allowed to inspect an original edition of _The_School_of_Fencing_
in a antiquarian book-store near Leicester (sp?) Square in London. The shop
proprietor said that most copies had been broken up so the pages could be
sold by print shops. The color prints of the original are very pretty, but the
facsimile version is still fun to read. I don't know if it's still in print.


_The_Sword_And_The_Centuries_ (_Old_Sword_Days,_Old_Sword_Ways_)

Alfred Hutton 1901

Re-issued by Charles E. Tuttle Co. 1980

ISBN 0-8048-094397

Describes the history of western fencing from the trial by combat
of the Middle Ages to the duels of the 19th century. Lots of stories!
Describes how duelling became an epidemic in France >after< it was
supressed by the King's order.


I'll post some more book stuff in the future.

Bruce P.