World Cup:Paris

World Cup:Paris

Post by Richard O'Conne » Mon, 29 Jan 1996 04:00:00

For those of you interested in the foil world cup event this weekend in Paris,
the American team placed 16, 32, 45, 63, 72, 77, and 118.  Finals were:
Taddei(ITA) v Puccini(ITA) 15-7, Tuckers(CUB) V Cerioni(ITA) 15-4,
Gregory(CUB) v Goloubitski(UKR) 15-13, Plumenail(FRA) v Boidin(FRA)
15-10, Tuckers v Taddei 15-13, Gregory v Plumenail  15-11, and
Gregory v Tuckers 15-12. The upset of the day was Peter Devine's (USA)
defeat of Chevtchenko(RUS) 15-13, current world champion.

As always there were good calls and bad calls, and I refuse to comment on
what a european calls an attack, although at one point a French judge told
the Austrian coach (holding forearm straight up in the air) "In France,
this is not an attack".  

Further details will be written up in a medium-long article which will
probably be submitted to American Fencing (assuming that Sports
Illustrated rejects it), or at worst sent to a web site near you.

Richard "Our man in Paris" O'Connell
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