non-electric tournaments 'n stuff

non-electric tournaments 'n stuff

Post by Huy Quang Nguy » Tue, 03 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Subject: non-electric tournaments 'n stuff
Organization: Californi State University, Fresno

I got a question,
  I guess its safe to assume that everybody uses electrical
equipment during most tournaments nowadays. So my question is
is there a list out there of standard tournaments out there?
preferably in California.  My school has a small number of people
, including myself, that want to fence tournament. But as with all
college students, we can't afford to buy our own electrical equipment
nor can we find any way to get the school to pay for scoring machines.
And whats the opinion out there about standard fencing...
is it old fashioned or is the simplistic way of doing things much better?

I've been in one tournament the 2-3 years that i've been fencing foil and
our team did considerably well that time. well anyways, i just wanna see
what people think.

Huy Nguyen
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non-electric tournaments 'n stuff

Post by ERIK S. BLANK (AKA: RABID SPINA » Sat, 07 Oct 1995 04:00:00

>Huy Nguyen

As a person that has been in your shoes within the last few years, I know what
you are feeling.  The best bet is to simply see if there are any people willing
to rent to your team at the competitions.  I know that in my area, the division
usually has "rentals" that are available for about $5.00 each.  Don't let the
lack of electric equipment stop you from attending competitions!  This is where
I have learned most of my best fencing.  After fencing with the same people for
a while, you tend to start stagnating, and a competition can help to open your
eyes to new styles and combinations.

If you are still having problems with your school not funding your club, then it
is time to start looking at funding yourselves.  I know that in my division, they
are usually looking for places to hold competitions.  If your school is not able
to fund your club, then perhaps you can get them to give you gym space, so that
you can raise funds by holding a competition.  Contact your local division and
see if you can do this.  They will most likely be able to send people out your
way, and if you can get a big enough draw, you should be able to make about
$100-$300/per competition.  Our division usually splits the entry fees with us
if we are using their equipment and directors, but this is still a nice tidy sum
to help out in new equipment purchases (like gloves and new practice blades).

Also look into club dues, and local fund raising techniques like hoagie sales.
 The local sandwich shop in your colleges area may have what you are looking
for.  If you university sees that you are willing to go half and half with your
funding they will be MUCH more disposed to helping out with your club funding.
I know this from PERSONAL experience, as the (now graduated -> thus EX)president
of the Indiana University of Pennsylvania's Fencing club.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, get out to competitions!!!!  This is the BEST way to improve
your skills and to see new and better ways to fence!

Good Luck!

(P.S. anyone out there need a safety scientist at their place of work?  This
temp stuff is getting REALLY old, REALLY fast.)
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