Beat the Deadline for N Tex Fencing Camp

Beat the Deadline for N Tex Fencing Camp

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The 1996 Texas Fencing Camp will be held in Sherman, Texas!

There will be two comprehensive training camps:
  Elite Junior and Senior Competitive Fencers
    June 29 - July 4
  Junior and Beginning Fencers ages 13 - 20  July 2 - July 7
  Both camps begin at noon on the first day and end at noon on
     the last day
  Campers will have lodging and dining in the Austin College

Fencers should bring the following to camp with them:
  1 practice weapon
  3-4 electric weapons
  2-3 body cords
  1 lame (foilists)
  1 complete uniform (knickers, jacket, underarm protector, etc.)
  Spare weapons parts including wires, tips, springs, barrels,
     and point screws
  Swim suit and suntan lotion
  Bed and bath linens (laundry facilities are available in the

Fencers will be expected to keep their weapons in good working
order during the camp.  The staff will provide assistance in
weapon repair.

  Abdelmonem Salem, MD., is the Head Coach of the Lone Star
Fencing Center in Dallas, Texas.  He is a staff member of the
USFA Coaches College.  Salem has coached US Junior and Cadet
Teams as well as several Olympic Festival Teams.  Salem is a
three-time member of the Egyptian Olympic Team (1976, 1980,

  Alex Beguinet is the Head Coach at Duke University.  He
received his Master of Arms degree from the National Sports
Institute in Paris.  Alex is the director of the USFA Coaches
College.  He has been coach of the US Cadet and World
Championship Teams and coached at several Olympic Festivals.

  Jerry Benson is the Head Coach of the Redlands Fencing Center
in Oklahoma City.  Jerry has national and international coaching
experience.  He was the U-15 American National Team Coach of
1994, and is an ad hoc instructor for the USFA Coaches College.

  Victor Svatenko is the assistant Head Coach for the US Modern
Pentathlon Fencing Team.  Victor received his coaching education
in the Soviet Union after an illustrious career as a competitive
athlete.  In 1972, he crowned his athletic accomplishments with a
silver medal at the Olympics in the Modern Pentathlon Team event.

  Ray Parker is currently the co-Head Coach with Vinnie Bradford
at the Texas Fencing Academy.  He is a USFA Level 2 certified
coach.  Ray has a degree in electrical engineering and will be
assisting campers with weapon repair in addition to coaching.

  Additional staff members will be assisting the above coaches.
All are either very experienced coaches and/or currently
nationally or internationally rated fencers, including Bakoko
Emana who is a World Championship Finalist.

Registration Fee:   $325.00 per session before 1 May
                                 $365.00 per session after 1 May
Registration forms may be obtained from:
  Texas Fencing Camp
  3606 Windsor
  Irving, Texas 75062
  (214) 252-6207
Registration Form:
Complete this form and send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:
     The Texas Fencing Camp
     c/o Lone Star Fencing Center
     3606 Windsor
     Irving, Texas 75062

Last Name:  ____________  First Name:  ______________

Age:  _________   Sex: __________  Weapons: _________

No. Years Fencing:  _______________________

Address:  ___________________________________________

           City              State           Zip Code

Telephone No.s: _____________________________________
                 Home                      Work

Coach/Instructor:  __________________________________

Parent's Name:  _____________________________________
                (Last)                (first)

Emergency Contact:  _________________________________
                    (Name)                (Phone)

Camp #1  _____      Camp #2 _______
Camp Fees
Registration (includes lodging and meals).......$325.00
Registration deadline May 1, 1996
   After deadline...............................$365.00

Total amount enclosed:  __________
Make checks payable to:  Texas Friends of International Fencing

You must sign "Waiver of Liability" of participation will be null
and void.

Upon entering camp sponsored by the Texas Friends of
International Fencing, I agree to abide by the rules of the USFA,
as currently published.  I understand and appreciate that
participation in sport carries a risk to me of serious injury,
including permanent paralysis or death.  I voluntarily and
knowingly recognize, accept, and assume this risk and release the
USFA, their sponsors, camp organizers, camp officials, and Texas
Fencing Camp owners and officers from any liability.

     Participant's Signature          Date

     Parent's or Guardian's Signature for under 18

     Address, City, State, Zip

     Phone Number