Triplette's response to scoring mahine problems

Triplette's response to scoring mahine problems

Post by Mike Elde » Mon, 23 Jan 1995 08:52:48

The following was received from Walter Triplette on 20 January.
Perhaps this will clear up some of the confusion regading their scoring machine.  I spoke to him and he seemed quite upset that people here thought he was selling poor equipment.  
He said these settings were intutiive.  
I am not intutiive when it comes to this sort of thing.
A one page instruction sheet would be nice.

"Please try the following with your machine:

There are 4 possible settings on your machine:

I. Foil                         Red Light       = Automatic Reset
                                Green Light     = Manual Reset
2.Epee                          Red Light       = Automatic Reset
                                Green Light     = Manual Reset
3,Saber with capteur            Red Light       = Automatic Reset
                                Green Light     = Manual Reset
4.Saber without capteur         Red Light       = Automatic Reset
(Outside amber lights           Green Light     = Manual Reset
will always be on)

All of these settings can be accessed by depressing
the operating button at the front of the machine.

I enjoyed speaking with you on the phone, and I hope this clears
your problem.  We recommend that you use a surge protector on our
 machine as you would on any other computer.
 By the way, your machine is FIE homologated
for use in World Championship events. It is the only US made machine with this distinction.
 Of course, if your machine should develop a fault., we will fix it for you for free.

Please let me know if I can be of further service.

Best regards,
Walter Triplette

Triplette Competition Arms 162 W. Pine St. Mt. Airy, NC 27030     FAX (910)786-4012
PH (910) 786-5294


Triplette's response to scoring mahine problems

Post by George Edward Kolombatovic » Tue, 24 Jan 1995 23:16:08

While officiating at the men's foil World Cup in Paris this past May,
there was a new Prieur machine.  I saw the exact same problems occur with
that machine that had occurred with the Triplette machine at the USFA's
1994 Junior Olympic Championships.  During the Direct Eliminations, a
French fencer was hitting an Italian fencer on target but nothing was
happening with the machine.  (The Italian was admitting that he was being
hit.) The French technicians did not believe that it was the machine's
problem.  The Prieur machine was FIE homologated as was the Triplette
machine.  "Homologated" indicates that the equipment passes official FIE

The problem was that if a manufacturer followed all of the then current
official FIE requirements for scoring machines, the machine would have
those problems.  While it is certainly sad to see a fencer disadvantaged
with a machine that is not acting the way it should, it is also sad to see
a manufacturer being blamed for constructing a machine exactly according
to the specifications given.

Thanks to the cooperation of Triplette with the FIE, the problems with the
FIE requirements are being addressed.

George Kolombatovich