Open Foil Tournament, Ames IA

Open Foil Tournament, Ames IA

Post by Grizzly Ada » Sat, 25 Sep 1993 11:59:21

This is to announce that the Iowa State University fencing club will be
hosting the Full Moon Open on the 30th of October.  It is a non-USFA event, so
it is open to all comers.  To date it will be a foil-only event, unless the
organizers add something on, with a registration fee of $5.

For more information write to

or call
Al Anderson (515) 233-5251
or Eric Anderson (515) 292-4187

Al will probably be sending out flyers (soon) to the groups we have addresses
for, but if we don't send you one, please don't feel insulted, and come anyway.

Happy fencing