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>Please send in your entries to NAC #2 in Atlanta this week!  You
>may want to overnight it just in case.  We need a strong showing
>in the Olympic city!  Come check out Atlanta, see the facility
>that the '96 fencers will be using!  Ride the Marta, see Underground.
>Come on!

>Especially those of you from the Southeast.  Some may even find
>lodging with the local fencers, providing you contact the GA Division
>in good time.  Let's show the country how dedicated our athletes are!

>Remember- entries are recieved no later than FEBRUARY 11.

>See you there!

>(Posted at the request of the GA Division Chairman)

Hi, guys.  Just re-posting in case anyone missed it.  -Mer

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 ||      to win glorious triumphs, even though
 ||      checkered by failure, than to take rank
 ||      with those poor spirits who neither enjoy
 ||      much nor suffer much, because they live
 ||      in the gray twilight that knows not victory
 ||      or defeat."
 ||                    -Teddy Roosevelt