1995 Massachusetts Bay State Games

1995 Massachusetts Bay State Games

Post by Jeffrey M. Altbu » Mon, 17 Apr 1995 04:00:00


Fencing will once again be part of the Massachusetts
Bay State Games.  All fencing events will take place
on Sunday, July 16th at M.I.T. (Cambridge, MA).

To participate in the Bay State Games:
  - You must reside in, attend school in, or belong
    to a fencing club in Massachusetts.
  - You must be at least 12 years old (as of 7/1/95).
  - You must supply your own equipment.  
  - You must pre-register before June 19th.  

For a complete information booklet, contact:
    Bay State Games
    PO Box 8336
    Boston, MA  02114
    (617) 727-3227

Or, for information on fencing only and a copy
of the registration form, send a self-addressed
stamped envelope to yours truly.  No fax requests,
     Jeffrey Altbush
     17 Wentworth Rd
     Reading, MA 01867
     (617) 944-9500 (Home)
     (617) 942-2000 (Work)