Coaches needed in San Jose, CA area.

Coaches needed in San Jose, CA area.

Post by Eric D » Mon, 17 Jul 1995 04:00:00

The clubs of the Central Cal Division of the USFA are expanding very
quickly due to aggressive marketing.  Many of the clubs are inundated with
fencers, and the coaches are having a hard time running the classes and
giving lessons.  Anyone (several, in fact) interested in helping make
the San Jose (CA, USA) region highly competitive should please contact the
following two clubs:

California Fencing Academy
(408) 448-3432
(contact:  Dan Tibbetts)


The Fencing Center
(408) 298-8230
(contact:  Dirk Decker or Connie Yu)

The Santa Cruz Fencing Club can also use coaching, but the drive
from the Valley side is *** (sometimes, this is literal!).

You may also contact me, Eric Dew (CenCal Division chair) for more info.

There are four clubs right in the San Jose/Silicon Valley area, and all are
poised to grow explosively.  We need coaches and innovative programs for
competitive and recreational fencing.  There are many juniors (not as
many as NJ division, but potentially more:  the market's unlimited as far
as fencing is concerned) and they are all very capable.  Three weapon skills
are of course, highly desired.

Eric Dew
(415) 992-7043