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]>> Hi there. I haven't posted here before because I've only been fencing
]>> since the beginning of this semester, 6 or 7 weeks I think. Anyway, our
]>> club is about to have a tournament, and pretty much all the beginners,
]>> including me, are going to fence in it. Anyway, I was wondering what
]>> the more experienced fencers remember about their first tournament.
]>> Did you suddenly begin to flail around wildly? Were you in perfect
]>> control? Did you have fun? Did you get your ***kicked?

My first real tournament was in a state sponsored meet in Wyoming.   I had been
thoroughly beaten by my three instructors so often I didn't think I had much
chance.  But with a lot of determination and an agressive attack I ended up
with first in foil and epee and third in sabre for novice fencers and ranked
best over all (for novice)  I then got the chance to compete with the amature
standing champions for foil ane epee.  I won the foil, but so beaten badly in
the epee.  It was that match that made me decide to stick with epee until I
could master it.

Unfortunately a move out of the state and finances ended by career.  The last
time I fenced in earnest (was with epee) and was against a theater fencing
instructor (who I made pay for the bruises I had received years ago).  I like
epee and if your good it's a great way to work out frustrations.  If not,
buy some epsom salt.

Bon mair'd!

]>> Oh yeah... there weren't enough epee'ists (geez, how do you spell that)
]>> entered, so one of the people in charge of this thing said "hey, you're
]>> tall... why don't you fence epee'?", so I have now embarked on the
]>> crash course on fencing epee. The tournament's on Sunday... gulp.

]The first time I fenced epee, a guy handed me one and said "hide
]behind the guard and try to hit his wrist".  Seems I did better than I
]did in foil that day.  I eventually got tired of the bruises and stuck
]with foil.  I found epee too boring.

]Good Luck!

]>> Tom
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