Point Control (was Re: SIM FENCING)

Point Control (was Re: SIM FENCING)

Post by Michael A. Buckl » Sat, 12 Feb 1994 03:19:15

>Well, I've been fencing for a semester now, but I'm still a beginner, but I
>think foil requires more subtle hand movement than epee.  Foil's much more
>about point control, and hitting target areas, IMHO.  But I'm anxiously
>looking forward to learning some of the other swords as well.

You're absolutely right. Beat-fleche to the wrist followed by remise
to the trailing leg is just flailing about with the blade.
It takes real point control to make a lunge to the body.

:) :)

Sorry, someone had to do it.

 -- Mike Buckley