Question: New rules and equipment

Question: New rules and equipment

Post by Niels Olof Bouv » Wed, 21 Sep 1994 20:32:07


I am posting this question on behalf of a friend of mine,

this newsgroup. Opposite S***, who is Danish and Scandinavian
senior sabre champion, I do not know much about fencing; he has
however asked me to pose this question, needing answers quite
urgently. Please send all replies to S***.

Q:      "According to the new rules of '95, fencing equipment is
        required to withstand 1600 N. Would it be legal, however
        to wear
        a) A vest (1600 N) and an "old" jacket?
        b) A pair of shorts (1600 N) and an "old" pair of trousers?
        Generally, what are the rules for combining "new" and "old"

Best regards and thank you for your help!
        Niels Olof


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