World University Games

World University Games

Post by Randy M Brun » Fri, 16 Jul 1993 11:40:05

>MF, individual: semifinals:

>serge Golubystsky, Ukraine, def. Lionel Plumenail, France,
>5-3 5-2

>Alexander Koch, Germany, def. Alessandro Puccini, Italy, 2-5, 5-1,

>Gold Medal:

>Golubytsky def Koch, 5-3 5-3

In addition...

Individual WF:
    Gold   - Minzca (Hungary)
    Silver - Giacometti (Italy)
    Bronze - ??? (Two Italian women)

Ann Marsh had the highest finish for the USA--fifth place. She was
eliminated by Giacometti in the quarter-finals. Marsh fenced incredibly
well. We were all hoping she would earn the US a medal. Although I would
have been thrilled, I would not have been surprised if she had.