Collegiate Team Foil Tournament

Collegiate Team Foil Tournament

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                           The University of Iowa Fencing Club
                                   proudly presents the
                                       Second Annual
                             Collegiate Team Foil Tournament

When:           April 6, 1996. Fencing to begin promptly at 9:00am.

Where:          Main Floor, University of Iowa Fieldhouse, Iowa City, Iowa

How much:       $25 per team

        Is required!  I must receive all entries by midnight April 4.  Any
        entries received after that will not be allowed without a really good
        excuse.  All decisions on late entries to be made at my discretion.
Send entries to:

                fax:    (319)335-0381   attn: Kenneth Baker  
                postal: Kenneth Baker
                        629 Iowa Ave
                        Iowa City, Iowa 52240

Who's eligible: Any fencer who has not turned 22 before April 1, 1996.
                Any fencer who has not been fencing for more that four(4)
                calendar years.

Format:         One big pool  ----  unless there are more that 10 teams.  
                In that case there will be two pools that will seed to a
                direct elimination of the top 8 teams.
                Awards to the top 3 teams.  First Place to be awarded on
                Victories only.
                Bouts will be fenced in the 45 point relay style.

Call for strips:
                If possible please bring a strip for each two teams you
                are bringing, i.e. 1-2 teams, one strip; 3-4 teams, two
                strips; 5-6 teams, three strips: etc.  If you cannot do
                this please let us know ahead of time so we can make

Call for directors:
                Please try to bring one director for each team entered.  
                We will buy supper at the Mill for any director that
                directs at least half of the rounds.  Directors cannot
                be a member of a team.

Team Name:              _______________________________________________________

School Affiliation:     _______________________________________________________

Members:  (captain)  1. _______________________________________________________

                     2. _______________________________________________________

                     3. _______________________________________________________

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