RE : Leon Paul- Problem

RE : Leon Paul- Problem

Post by jean-pierre bol » Fri, 11 Mar 1994 19:51:37

            to be fair to Leon Paul, i had in my mind decided that, safe
            in their monopoly, they had a rather blase attitude ...

              but having some problems with an orthopaedic grip
            ( first the nut didnt fit all the way in, then it was the wrong
              size ) i sent the stuff right back on two occaisons and each
              they sent the right stuff in _exactly_ two days ...

             im now loads happier about ordering their stuff by mail as
             i really cant fault any of their equipment but i will be
             going to New North Street in person when i have enough cash
             to go full FIE ...  now where did i put that student load form ?

                               yours trying to avert a witch-hunt

                                             jean pierre

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