San Bernardino Division Schedule

San Bernardino Division Schedule

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    San Bernardino Division events will follow the times listed
below unless otherwise noted. All information on other division's
tournaments are subject to change.  Please check with these
divisions on times and dates of events.  Please note that the
listed times are check-in CLOSE times.  Entries are $6 per
weapon.  Late entries will be allowed up to 15 minutes after the
scheduled check-in close time with the payment of an additional
$10 late fee ($16 total)

  Foil  - check-in close  9:00am
  Sabre - check-in close 10:00am
  Epee  - check-in close 12:00pm

DATE      TIME     EVENT             LOCATION     DIVISION     TYPE

Sat 21st. 9:00am   OPEN FOIL         SBVC         San Ber.     S.S.
          10:00am  OPEN SABRE        SBVC         San Ber.     S.S.
          12:00pm  OPEN EPEE         SBVC         San Ber.     S.S.
Mon 23rd.          DEADLINE FOR J.O. ENTRY
Sun 29th.          3-Weapon Open     CSULB        (Or. Coast)  Coed

Sat 4th.  9:00am   OPEN FOIL         V.V.H.S      San Ber.     S.S.
          10:00am  OPEN SABRE        V.V.H.S      San Ber.     S.S.
          12:00pm  OPEN EPEE         V.V.H.S.     San Ber.     S.S.
17-20th.  TBA      Junior Olympics   San Jose                  S.S.
Sun 26th.          3-Weapon Open     CSULB        (Or. Coast)  Coed

Fri 3rd.  7:30pm   Division Championships at SBVC San Ber.     Qual
          7:00pm   Men's & Women's Sabre PCC & Division II     Qual
          7:30pm   Men's & Women's & U19 Sabre Team            Qual
Sat 5th.  9:00am   Men's Division II Epee (Div II Qual only)   Qual
          9:00am   Women's Epee Team                           Qual
          9:30am   Men's U19 Junior Foil Team   (see below)    Qual
          9:30am   Women's U19 Junior Epee Team (see below)    Qual
          11:00am  Women's Foil PCC & Division II              Qual
          12:30pm  Men's Epee Championships / PCC (PCC Qual)   Qual
          2:00pm   Men's Foil Team                             Qual
Sun 6th.  9:00am   Men's Foil PCC & Division II                Qual
          10:00am  Women's Epee PCC & Division II              Qual
          12:00pm  Women's Foil Team & U19 Foil Team           Qual
          12:00pm  Men's Epee Team & U19 Epee Team             Qual

All junior team events will require at least two teams from
different clubs for awards to be given.

DATE      TIME     EVENT             LOCATION     DIVISION     TYPE

MARCH continued...
Fri 17th. TBA      Haake und Slasche Highschool Foil V.V.H.S.  S.S.
Sat. 18th TBA      Haake und Slasche Foil
Sun. 19th TBA      Haake und Slasche Epee & Sabre
25-26th.  TBA      World Cup Sabre   NYC

Sat 1st.  TBA      TOUCH A FOOL      FORTE        San Ber.     FUN!
                   One Touch Epee Tournament
Sun 2nd.           3-Weapon Open     CSULB        (Or. Coast)  Coed
8-9th.    TBA      Junior PCC's      C.O.D.       San Ber.     Qual
21-23rd.  TBA      NAC #3 MF, WF, MS
28-30th.  TBA      NAC #3 ME, WE     Colorado Springs
Sun 30th.          3-Weapon Open     CSULB        (Or. Coast)  Coed

6-7th.    TBA      Pacific Coast Champs in Las Vegas Nevada
13-14th.  TBA      W Foil World Cup  Atlanta      Georga
Thu 18th           Entry Deadline for Nationals

Sat 20th. 9:00am   OPEN FOIL         SBVC         San Ber.     Coed**
          10:00am  OPEN SABRE        SBVC         San Ber.     Coed**
          12:00pm  OPEN EPEE         SBVC            San Ber.     Coed**

** Last tournament of the year!  Division year-end awards will be
presented at this tournament.
No division points will be awarded at the last tournament.  Haake
und Slasche will be the last point event for the 1994-95 season!

The Southern California Division Schedule was not included in
this newsletter because we have not received their second half
schedule.  This information will be included in out next newsletter.

C.O.D.  -  College of the desert (Leslie Taft: 619-340-1303)
SBVC    -  San Bernardino Valley College (Cindy Runyon: 909-883-6535)
VVHS    -  Victor Valley High School (Kent Crosby: 619-955-8890)
C.HS    -  Chaminade High School {So Cal Division} (310-559-0188)
CSULB   -  Cal State Long Beach {Orange Coast Division} (714-997-5205)
FORTE   -  Forte Fencing Club - Donnie Hale (909-428-3144)


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