Tournament, Cincinnati, 3-4/Apr/93 (Details)

Tournament, Cincinnati, 3-4/Apr/93 (Details)

Post by David M Kreindl » Fri, 02 Apr 1993 08:34:09

                        TOURNAMENT ANNOUNCEMENT:

        Le Botterell (circa 1993)       [Ed Note: 'Scuze the abominable Latin]
        Cincinnati Fencing Club - Clifton Recreation Centre, 320 McAlpin
        (USFA Sanctioned)

        Saturday April 3:
                SABRE (Men's & Women's)  9:30 AM
                EPEE  (Men's & Women's)  1:30 PM

        Sunday April 4:
                FOIL  (Men's & Women's)  9:00 AM

        All equipment must pass USFA requirements.  USFA registration
        required.  If a pool cannot be filled in any Men's or Women's
        weapon, that weapon will be run mixed.  [Ed. Note: the only
        weapon for which a possibility exists that'll be run mixed is
        sabre, if not enough women turn out to allow a women's sabre

        $8.00 per weapon   ---   $20.00 for all three.

        For further information, contact: Lloyd Howell (513) 481-1887


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