general -- good to see this group

general -- good to see this group

Post by Alan R Light -- Personal Accou » Sun, 06 Dec 1992 10:11:57

Finally!  The first thing I did when I found out about news and internet
was to look for a fencing group.  That was in 1988.  It wasn't there.

I left college in May, and this is my first post after getting back on
the net.  Hallelujah!

As for the left handed thing -- from what I understand, about 5% of the
public is left-handed.  Someone earlier posted that about 15% of fencers
are left-handed.  My personal experience has been that about 30% of the
fencers I've met have been left-handed.  I think it has more to do with
the whole right-brain issue than just whether there is an advantage.  As
for the advantage of left-handers, it wears off pretty quick.  I've had
bouts with lefties where I never realized that they were left-handed
until I went to shake their hand.  I've gotten used to them.

Granted, as you will probably notice from that comment, I'm not one of
those ultra-serious fencers who notices every aspect of an opponents
technique.  I just fence for fun.

Anyway, it's sure nice to see this group.

-- Alan