Fencing Camp for 8 to 16 years old

Fencing Camp for 8 to 16 years old

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My daughter Marlne is going for a week this summer, she started fencing in September
95, made some really good friends and is looking forward to the camp. If you have
questions or concerned, call me, I'll do my best to answer.

Except for the fact that, Dominique Teisseire is my daughters' Ma?tre-d'armes I do not
have any interest or business in the fencing or camp business. I'm posting this message
as a favor, hoping that it could be of interest to some of you.

Gilles Loslier, Montral

(514) 671-2828

Fencing Camp
at Missisquoi Bay
Summer 1996
for girls and boys between the age of 8 and 16

On an enchanting site on the shores of the Champlain lake near the American border 50
miles south of Montral (40 miles north of Burlington Vermont by highway 89).

For beginners and experienced fencers. 30 hours of classes focusing on both theory and
practicc during 6 days of foil and epee. (Individual lessons, group lessons, theme
bouting, fencing, competition.)
Masks, vests, foils and gloves provided for beginners.

The training is given by Ma?tre Dominique Teisseire, Ma?tre d'armes world champion in
1994, ex-coach of the quipe de France in foil and presently coach of the Escrimeurs de
la Rive-Sud.

A - June 30 to July 6t
B - July 7 to July 13
C - August 4 to August 10
D - August 11 to August 17

Fencing, track and field, canoying, hiking, swimming, badminton, horse-back riding,
collective sports, fire camps, etc.

$295. can. (approx. 33% less in US $) per week including: housing, meals, classes and

Domaine de la Baie Missisquoi
45 route 133 sud
C.P. 90
Philipsburg Qubec J0J 1N0
tl.: (514) 248-7301

Dominique Teisseire
(514) 449-0651

or by e-mail:
Gilles Loslier

----------------------------en fran?ais----------------------------------------

Stage d'escrime
Camps de la Baie Missisquoi
t 1996
Pour filles et gar?ons de 8 16 ans

Un site enchanteur sur le bord du lac Champlain en bordure des tats-Unis 80 km de

Pour dbutants et tireurs expriments. 30 heures de cours alternant entre la thorie t
la pratique sur une priode de 6 jours au fleuret ou l'pe. (Le?ons individuelles,
le?ons collectives, assauts thmes, assauts libres, comptitions.)
Pistes lectriques, salles quipe, masques, vestes, fleurets et gants fournis pour les

La formation est donne par Ma?tre Dominique Teisseire champion du Monde des
Ma?tre-d'armes en 1994, ex-entra?neur des quipes championnes de France au fleuret,
actuellement entra?neur des Escrimeurs de la Rive-Sud.

A - 30 juin au 6 juillet
B - 7 juillet au 13 juillet
C - 4 ao?t au 10 ao?t
D - 11 ao?t au 17 ao?t

Escrime, athltisme, canot, escalade, natation, badminton, quitation, sport collectif
et animation en soire.

295$ la semaine comprenant: l'hbergement, les repas, les cours et activits.

Domaine de la Baie Missisquoi
45 route 133 sud
C.P. 90
Philipsburg Qubec J0J 1N0
tl.: (514) 248-7301

Pour renseignements:
Dominique Teisseire
(514) 449-0651


Fencing Camp for 8 to 16 years old

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I am greatly interested in joing a fencing camp but I live in NJ and hope
that you know if anything like that is located in NJ