LONDON HEROES - 40th Edition

LONDON HEROES - 40th Edition

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Tournament:     London Heroes, 40th Anniversary Edition
City:           London - Ontario, Canada
Dates:          October 8-9, 1994
Type:           Canadian Open Event - MF-WF-ME-MS-WS
                Canadian Elite Event - WE
                U.S.F.A. Designated Canadian Elite Event - WE

Schedule:       Sat. Oct. 8     08:15   Men's Epe
                                08:45   Women's Foil
                                10:30   Men's Sabre
                                15:30   Women's Sabre

                Sun. Oct. 9     09:00   Men's Foil
                                10:30   Women's Epe

                All times listed are for close of registration

Fees:                           Senior                  Junior

                Before Oct. 4   $30, (US $25)   $20, (US $17)
                Two weapons     $45, (US $37)   $30, (US $25)

                After Oct. 4    $50, (US $37)   $35, (US $25)
                Two weapons     $75, (US $58)   $55, (US $41)

                Canadians who fail to bring their CFF Passport are subject
                to a $2.00 surcharge.  Ontario Fencing Association
                memberships, passports and passport covers will be sold
                on site.

                Send cheques to made out to "Heroes" to Darren CONSTABLE,
                269 Everglade Crescent, London, Ontario  N6H 4M7
                Tel: 519-657-6791

Information:    Dr. Adrian LIGGINS      1-519-672-0107 (Tel-home)

Notes:          For the Women's Epe event, FIE marked masks are mandatory
                as well as kevlar clothing (800N / 350 N) or higher
                rated clothing.

Please complete this entry form completed in block letters:

NAME    :       ___________________________     CFF #:  _____________

Address:        ___________________________     USFA #  _____________

                ___________________________     Classification: _____________

Postal / Zip Code: ________________________

Weapon 1:       ___________________________     Classification: _____________

Weapon 2:       ___________________________     Classification: _____________

In consideration of your accepting, we herby for ourselves, heirs,
executors and administrators, waive and release any and all right of claim
for personal injury or damage to equipment we may have against the London
Sword Club, the University of Western Ontario, the Canadian Fencing
Federation , the Ontario Fencing Association and the Organizing Committee
of the Heroes' Fencing Tournament.

____________________________________________                    _____________
Signature of athlete or parent/guardian if under legal age      Date

Please note that fees must arrive at the address listed above
by October 1st.  This 40th edition of the London Heroes is a SENIOR ELITE
tournament in Women's Epee in the Canadian Elite Circuit and is the
designated Canadian event for Women's Epee for the U.S.F.A.

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