So Cal Division Schedule

So Cal Division Schedule

Post by Eric Speich » Fri, 04 Nov 1994 08:05:00

Southern California Division USFA Schedule
current - 12/31/94

Times listed are for CLOSE of check-in
For up to date information call the So Cal Fencing
hotline: (310) 559-0188

     JO Qual events restricted to members of Southern California

     Teams consist of any 3 (or 4) USFA members

     All tournaments not otherwise started consist of mixed gender      
event, plus a women's event if six or more women choose to              

11/11/94          High School Team      TBD     ISF

11/20/94        S.B. Open       Victorville     San Bernardino

11/12/94     9:00am     JO Qual: U-17/U-15 Foil Chaminade H.S.  SoCal
             11:00am    JO Qual: U-20 Epee              
             1:00pm     JO Qual: U-20 Sabre            

11/13/94     9:00am     Team Foil               Chaminade H.S.  SoCal
             11:00am    C - Epee                
             1:00pm     Unclassified Sabre                              

11/19/94     9:00am     JO Qual: U-20 Foil      Chaminade H.S.  SoCal
             11:00am    JO Qual: U-17/U-15 Epee        
             1:00pm     JO Qual: U-17/U-15 Sabre                

11/20/94     Mori Invitational           Chaminade H.S. Salle Mori
             9:00am     Men's Foil              
             1:00pm     Women's Foil            

11/20/94        O.C. Open       CSULB   Orange Coast

12/2/94         High School Team        TBD     ISF

12/3/94 - 12/4/94       NAC Cadet #2, Youth #2  Atlanta, GA    
                    Entry DUE 11/7/94      USFA National

12/4/94      9:00am     Team Epee       Chaminade H.S.  SoCal
             11:00am    Team Sabre              
             1:00pm     Unclassisifed Foil              

12/10/94     Saufen Invitational        Bevery Hills YMCA-Salle Saufen
             9:00am     Men's Epee              
             1:00pm     Women's Epee            

12/11/94     9:00am     Team Foil       Chaminade       SoCal
             11:00am    Open Sabre              
             11:00am    U-17 Foil              
             1:00pm     U-17 Epee              

12/11/94        O.C. Open       CSULB   Orange Coast

12/16/94 - 12/18/94     NAC Open Men's Foil, Men's Epee, Men's Sabre,  
                   Women's Foil, Women's Epee   Ft. Lauderdale, FL      
                     Entry DUE 11/14/94    USFA National

For more information on:

So Cal events: hotline (310) 559-0188

San Diego events: hotline (619) 451-6093

Orange Coast events: Ron Nichols (714) 997-5205

San Bernardino events: Doug Thistlethwaite (909) 360-3958

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