Followup: Clarification on balance needed.

Followup: Clarification on balance needed.

Post by Nai Ying Kw » Thu, 11 Mar 1993 20:26:53

Hey all again,

I just got slightly confused by some people posting that during forward
movement, the weight shift is to the back foot, and some people who say
that during forward movement, the weight should be placed more on the
front foot.

Aren't these contradictory posts?

Personally, I got this feeling that is one is to kick out the forward foot
to initiate the forward movement and land on the heel, it would be better
to leave the weight slightly more to the back foot (easier to lift the
front foot!).  I am trying to end up perfectly balanced with even weight
distribution and in exactly the same stance, of course. :)

How about it guys? Another round? :-)

Oh and progress report:

Got the lunge okay most times, as in the knee doesn't collapse inwards no
more. Movement forwards is more or less straight doing it the way I described
it, but movement backwards is a ***.  The back heel *refuses* to listen
to me, I mostly end up slightly left of where I started off. And when I am not
concentrating the front foot tends to move around even, but it is getting

Still, I haven't had this much fun in years :)